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Limousines As A Way Of Life

1934 Packard Sport Sedan picture1934 Packard Sport Sedan

Limousines have been long regarded as the vehicle of the rich and famous. It was first used as early as 1700’s. And since then, affluent people have ridden on these vehicles to get form one place to another.

During the early days, the primary mode of transportation is horse-drawn carriages. At that time, transportations are limited to open coaches having no roof at all. Technically speaking, the word "limousine" originated from a city of France named Limousin.

Story has it that the shepherds of Limousin had developed a hooded garment in order to protect them from the cold and the rain.
And this is the same concept adapted by limousines as they evolved over time.

Not so many years later, the new carriages constructed were built with some protective covering to ensure safety and shield for the usually rich people who own and use them.
As expected, this new line of covered coaches was soon called the limousines. It is a tradition for rich people to employ chauffeurs or drivers to take them anywhere they’d like to go.

It was only in the 1900’s when automotive giants have created limousines, as it is known today. The first ever luxury cars were released in 1921 in New York City. The limousines during that time were either Cadillacs or Packards. Stretch limousines were introduced in almost 50 years later, more particularly in 1970. But they weren’t used by the rich and famous then.

Stretch limousines were initially used to chauffeur stranded commuters exactly during the time when taxis went on a strike. But it didn’t take long for investors to see the potential of limousines as an opulent transportation alternative to taxi cabs.

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Today, limousines live to its name as the vehicles of sheer elegance and style. Everyone who wanted to travel in sheer lavishness opts to ride a limousine more than anything else. This is also the reason why limousine rental companies have started to sprout everywhere to provide for such a service. Find out more about the advantages of booking a limousine service.

Limousines are commonly used in events like parties, proms, business meetings, and even funerals. But weddings are the most popular occasions where limousines are booked. Learn how to choose a limo company for your wedding.

Finding the right limo service is quite hard these days - not with the limo scams happening everywhere. To hire the right limo service for you, here’s a quick overview of luxury car rentals and the things to look at when renting a limousine service.

Hire the right limo service for you by following our tips and learn everything that you need to consider when renting a limousine in the article.

And if you prefer to rent an exotic luxury car, consult our article.

But if you can possibly afford either a luxury car or a limousine, maybe you can go ahead and purchase one than just rent it. You have the choice of buying used or new. You’ll find out more about the benefits of buying a used luxury car.

If you prefer new luxury cars, check out our guide for finding the best one for your money. When buying limousines and luxury cars, you’ve got to know all the important things about them so you can be guided accordingly. Find out how to choose the right luxury car.

If you need to hire special limousines like Hummer limos, try to compare these vehicles with your other options first. Discover the advantages of hiring a Hummer limo and how are different from the classical stretch limousines. Hummer limos can also be used for proms. You will find out why you should hire a limousine service for your son or daughter's prom night.

Limousines have long been a part of life. And today, one doesn’t need to be filthy rich to ride one. All you have to do is to find the rental company that can perfectly deliver your particular requirements.

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